Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Tragedies, crimes, con jobs, loan sharks, suicides, maid and child abuse, big grabs for inheritance between family members and so many others are like from scenes that we watch on TV and in the movies playing it out in real life right here in Singapore nearly every other day. Most recent, the death of two very young children at home in Ang Mo Kio together with the father falling down to his death from their flat for reasons yet unknown pending police investigations. Boyfriend stabbing girlfriend to death over infidelities or over-possessiveness and currently facing possibility of death sentence, and court case going on for an elderly woman trying to kill her husband by slowly putting poison in his food over a period of time... and what about the stand off between siblings in deciding where their mother should be buried. All these can indeed be made into movie blockbusters. The arrests and long term jail sentences, including caning, of many loan-shark runners caught for splashing paint and causing fire to debtors homes have all been sensational. These stories are the main conversational topics between me and my passengers which make each trip more lively with questions of whys, opinions and criticisms. We sometimes talk as if we are judges and how we should mete out punishments or just feel sad and feel sorry for the victims. I read the papers every morning and ask myself why these things happen before I go to bed....

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