Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Orchard Road Light Up!

With the light up of Orchard Road from Tanglin Mall to Cathay and other parts of the island, Singapore looks like a fairyland of coloured lights and with the ban lifted for neon lights once again, makes the island really glittering and alive. Shopping malls with their multi-hued colours screaming around its buildings together with huge video screens displaying technicoloured advertisements and movie trailers makes it all the more exciting and exhuberant. This is so different compared to a few years ago and now with the population ballooning to 5 million the whole scene has totally changed to one which is truly bustling with life, imagine what it will be like when the target reaches 6.5 million people. At present, every where already looks so congested with people as well as vehicles cramming alongside each other, it becomes worst especially during the weekends, so much so I'll try to shy away from driving around these parts, even knowing that long queues of commuters are waiting for us. Traffic jams are inevitable and it is certainly very tiring, crawling and weaving in and out, also time consuming. Come this Christmas eve, its going to be a truly fantastic and spectacular party time along the whole stretch of Orchard Road, I think I'll not drive at all, but go partying instead and soak in the Christmas spirit that will be spread all around us.

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