Friday, November 27, 2009

one more month to go....

Its the end of the 2nd month and I have yet to award my PROMO offer of $1/- taxi ride to anywhere in Singapore, inclusive of all surcharges for anyone who can spot me. I will now give you yet another easy clue to help you spot me, this time a more obvious one. If you are lucky enough to board my cab, look out for two stickers (photo above), one pasted on the left rear window and another one on the glove box cover, in front of the front passenger seat which you cannot miss. I am also going to shift the small miniature yellow coloured NYC taxi model onto the left side top of the dashboard to make it more visible by the 1st of Dec, so keep your eyes peeled for these very clear giveaway clues when you catch a cab the next time, you may be the lucky one before my offer ends on 31st Dec 2009. Remember to identify me as Uncle Frank and you will be eligible for my promo offer!
Everytime I stop to pick up passengers, be it along the roadside or at taxi stands, I anxiously await that surprise greeting but alas, two months have passed by and I am still not 'caught'. Be alert, have fun and keep trying, there's still one more full month to go, c u......


  1. Uncle Frank,
    Regretfully, i don't take taxis often ,cause like alot of busy Singaporeans, I drive. I will keep a look out for your taxi and should I spot you, I will give a 'toot' or two and don't be alarmed! Maybe I get a raincheck for this? ;-)

  2. Howdy Clement, yeah, why not, just 'toot toot' me, and when you hear a similar reply, then you've got it! CHEERS !!