Tuesday, November 17, 2009

now you know what its like

Once in a while I also have to take a cab... to go for my medical check-ups at NUH. The usual fare from where I live to NUH is always around $12 during morning peak hours. On this particular Friday morning, I remembered the fare came up to $17.80, this was because of an unusual massive jam (no accidents, no roadworks and no vehicle breakdowns) which started near Dairy Farm Road, Upp. Bukit Timah Road and along Clementi Road and all the way to NUH. As a paying passenger, I experienced the agony of watching the meter number steadily rising as the taxi slowly crawled all the way to NUH. I guess its only normal to keep peering at the meter going up so fast whilst the taxi is in slow motion. Going to be late for the hospital appointment was yet another concern which made me feel uncomfortable in my seat as well as becoming a watch 'watcher' and imagine, feeling a bit sweaty in an air-conditioned vehicle? getting angry at yourself for 'dili-dallying' and taking things for granted which caused all these predicaments. Your frustrations do not just end there, you still need to tolerate the driver's grumblings and curses, (apart from your own) in the shared environment.
There were other types of incidents that occurred whilst being a paying passenger on board taxis but I seldom tell the taxi drivers that I am also one of them, simply because it is interesting and good to experience and learn of what and how a passenger would feel and respond and be entertained or vice versa. These situations ultimately made me more sensitive and understanding towards those who board my cab.........

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