Monday, November 9, 2009

newscaster, directory, consultant...

We taxi drivers are usually known for being "Mr. Knowalls". We can tell you what time shopping malls open or close, where you can get good food and what is not, the latest hot news, gossips and scandals, which specialist doctors can do for whatever ailments you've got, we can even give you unqualified medical prescriptions, which way the fastest and nearest route to where, offer free advice and consultations for your disputes with spouse, chidren or bosses or act like 'quack' psychiatrists and listen to your problems. But, the only questions which are impossible for us to answer is "Did I lock my door?". "Where did I leave my door keys?" "What time is my appointment?", how would I know. This is why a taxi drivers' vocation is so challenging when you meet with people from all walks of life everyday.
The other day when I was at the Far East Shopping Centre taxi stand queue, I picked up this young guy who wanted to go to Marriot Hotel. I told him that it is just one or two minutes walking distance from here. He said "Okay, get me there" and another time it was at Lucky Plaza taxi stand when this young lady wanted to go to Takashimaya, I told her its just across the road and she said "I am afraid to cross this road, please send me there thanks". I don't know whether these people are just plain lazy or filthy rich or maybe simply ignorant, but it goes to show what interesting things can happen in our occupation all the time......

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