Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lively encounters

Everytime I fetch mothers with their young children I get to hear famous diciplining phrases like "Uncle is getting angry", "Uncle going to throw you out of the taxi", "Uncle going to scold you already" and even "Uncle going to beat you if you don't stop it"... "Stop it, stop it, look, Uncle is staring at you now". All these threats blurted out by the mothers at their children will, hopefully not, create a 'fear' phobia when they grow up and that might cause taxi drivers to lose future generation of taxi commuters.
One day, I picked up this lady passenger who had her mobile handphone in silent mode. Now, this was what happened... "Hello?, have you had your dinner yet?" she said and I answered "No,not yet, maybe in an hour's time thank you" Imagine how embarrassed I was when I turned around to acknowledge her that I found out she was actually on her handphone asking her boyfriend or husband the question! Next time I better make sure to speak when I am actually the one spoken to. And there was this guy who boarded my cab and sat beside me, looked at me from an angle and then suddenly slapped me on my left shoulder, "Hey, Albert ! Long time no see man! Since when you started driving taxi?" I was a bit shaken and said, "Bro. my name is not Albert, I think you got the wrong person."
"Ah, so sorry, so sorry, but you look like him, not twins hoh?"
"No, I don't have a twin brother" I started laughing... this was a case of positive mistaken identity and anyway, we continued chatting and laughing all the same throughout the journey.
Then I had another passenger who sat behind and throughout the trip he was talking and laughing to himself. I peered at him through the rear mirror and prayed he was not one who flew over the cuckoo's nest and luckily for me he turned out to be a decent guy and even left me a small tip when we reached his destination. It's unbelievable but it keeps my mind alert and looking for more as I drive on.....

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