Friday, November 6, 2009

kind and considerate.....

Last night at Clarke Quay taxi stand, at about 10pm, I picked up a chinese young man who wanted to go to Woodlands St.83. After travelling about 5 minutes, this young man asked, "Uncle, do you have any plastic bag, I think I'm going to puke".
"Yes, I have, just hang on". I immediately stopped my cab along Paterson Road, and took out a plastic bag from below my seat and quickly gave it to him. He took it and said, "Thanks very much, you can start driving again. Don't worry, I may be able to hold till I reach home. I need this bag just in case I can't control."
"Okay, thanks, I'll try to go a bit faster for you".
Phew! That was a big relief. At least this passenger, although a bit high, was considerate and kind enough to tell me his predicament in order not to vomit in my cab before its too late. In slightly less than 20 minutes, I was able to reach his destination. He paid the fare and thanked me once again for the plastic bag.
"Thank you too, and will you be alright?" He nodded and waved a 'thumbs up' sign and slowly walked to his block. I stayed and watched him till he went into the lift before I moved off.
Vomitting inside the cab can be a huge disaster. First, after washing the inside of the cab thoroughly with a lot of soap at the carwash, we need to open all 4 doors, wind down all the windows, dry every part of the vehicle and let it have fresh air and wait for quite sometime to clear the pungent smell of vomit which can still linger on after everything is done. It is impossible to carry on and ferry passengers as the smell is awful and intolerable. Normally we will stop working and head home. That is why we have no choice but to request for a small amount of compensation from our passengers to help us for loss of income and extra work done, this usually amounts to about $50. It is okay if your passengers can understand but what if they disagree or worst still not even sober. Well, this becomes a problem with a big headache.......

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