Wednesday, November 25, 2009

interesting holiday excursions....

You know, most of us Singaporeans like to go for holidays overseas, to visit, to relax, to go sight seeing, to experience different life styles, enjoy flying and getting easily excited about the preparations to become tourists in a foreign land, but if you were to ask the majority whether they have been or seen or even experienced our own local attractions which are also plentiful, you will be surprised that most of us are totally unaware or ignorant as to what our own country can offer us in terms of relaxation and excitement. 
Ask yourself, have I been or discovered the enchantment of the world's first Night Safari? Experienced the exciting adventure of our zoo environment, the vastness of a national wildlife park under the magical night sky, where you can discover and watch the beautiful and unusual wildlife roaming freely in their jungle settings? What about Southeast Asia's largest bird sanctuary, the Jurong Bird Park which has more than 8,000 birds representing about 600 species? Do you know that this Aviary, with a man-made waterfall, is also one of the world's largest? Have you even seen the Musical Fountain with its magical feature of light, laser and music, synchronised with powerful high jets of water to make it truly a spectacular wonder? Just to let you in on it, this is the world's most complex laser-water system and also the first in the world to deploy a fully-digitalised video projection. You should bring your whole family to watch and be thrilled by this particular attraction. I can continue telling you of many, many more interesting places you have not heard or seen and these are all within our reach and from the way I describe them, you might or maybe consider making changes to your future holiday plans. I must admit, I do need a coffee break now because I am getting overly excited myself by just reading what I have written.

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