Sunday, November 8, 2009


We must always dream and hope for the best things to happen to us as we wish it. Most of us would want to be a millionaire or a celebrity, and why not, all we have to do first is to start dreaming and then keep hoping our dreams come true.
It's not impossible, just take a look at this Australian taxi driver, he bought a race horse, named it "Takeover Target" not an expensive thoroughbred, maybe less than AUD$2000, raced it and discovered that he has a champion racehorse. He is now a multi-millionaire, travelling around the globe with his champion earning fantastic stake monies for him. He was in Singapore recently with his race horse competing in Kranji Turf Club and winning lots of stake money. This is an example of what dreams and hope can do. Of course as we dream on, we still need to work to survive the present harshness in our everyday lives. Anything can happen at any time, for instance buying a Big Sweep or a Toto ticket and ending up a winner makes your dreams come true. It is not just dreaming and hoping for glamour or wealth, we must also remember to dream and pray for good health and well being for ourselves and our families for the rest of our lives too. I think I better start dreaming first about purchasing a race horse and hope to have a champion, but in the meantime, I better not stop driving..........

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