Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alarming Masquerade..

One day, around 11pm, I picked up a pretty young Malay lady in her late twenties, dressed very sexy and kinky and carrying a traveling bag along Geylang Road just after Lorong 16. She told me to send her to Woodlands Check-point as she settled herself in the back seat of my cab. I acknowledged her request and started driving off. As I made the turn to travel by the CTE link road into the PIE, I heard sounds of 'shuffling' unmistakebly of clothing material, like when you rummage through your pile of shirts to look for something left in one of the pockets. I casually peeked through the rear view mirror and saw this lady taking out some clothing materials from her travelling bag which I thought is nothing unusual and so I just concentrated on my driving towards Woodlands. The journey was quite a distance and whilst driving past certain parts of the highway which seemed quieter, I could just sense that kind of feeling like some sort of movements was going on made by this young lady seated at the back, but I simply dismissed my thoughts and did not bother to peek behind a second time as I kept my eyes trained more importantly on the road ahead of me. 
All in all, about 20 minutes later we arrived at the Woodlands Check-point taxi stand, stopped my cab, pulled up my handbrakes and then looked behind me to tell the lady the metered fare and guess what I saw, I was so shocked, momentarily shakened to see a totally transformed Malay looking 'religious' lady in a different outfit, together with her 'tudung' displayed on her head. Yes, she had the same goodlooking face and was smiling when she handed me the fare which I took and thanked her with me staring at her with my stupified and bewildered look. After she alighted, I still had my eyes following her till she was out of sight, only then did I drove off. 
Wow, what a perfect transformation, what do you know, a hooker away from home and returning as a solemn, respectful looking 'religious' personality. Indeed, this could well be from a perfect movie script. As I write this post, I can't help but kept recalling the whole incident over and over again.


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  2. Hi Debbie, you're most welcomed, enjoy yourself and have a good trip to KL. Take Care, CHEERS !