Friday, November 20, 2009

about wakes and weddings

The difference between attending wakes and weddings is that you attend one without any invitation and the other you need to be invited to. During both these solemn functions, you get to be reunited with relatives and friends whom you may have lost touch with for quite a long time and its true we unashamedly hide our eagerness to meet up, and at the same time look forward to the dinner waiting for us.
The first type of get together always occur suddenly without any early notice and usually lasts for 3 or 5 days, whereas the other gives you early notice of its coming and only last one day culminating with a huge dinner party. Of course, when we want to make our presence felt during these functions, we need to also show respect to the families involved by way of giving certain monetary amount or gifts.
In the course of our daily lives, these important events create a kind of 'wake up' call for all of us, in that, we tend to take many things for granted, become selfish and only think about ourselves all the time. We need to find time to get together more often to share and enjoy fellowship instead of letting these two types of events to happen before we meet up. 
Many a times my passengers would confide in me their sadness of the steadily corroding family unity in our present day environment, and what is to become of our future generations....
In the meantime, life goes on... getting a bit hungry now, wonder if there is any sandwich in the fridge......

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