Thursday, November 5, 2009

the 4th bad memory of being cheated...

It was on a different day with the fourth group of cheats, this time they consist of three Indian school boys, I think from Sec. 3 maybe around 16 years of age whom I picked up at Pioneer North St. opposite City Harvest Church. They wanted to go to Lower Delta Road and requested me to travel by the AYE. When I finally reached the Link road to go into Lower Delta Road, one of the boys said, "Uncle, please go straight and do a U-Turn at the traffic junction and drop us by the roadside before the entrance to the carpark", which I duly complied. "Here can already, thank you".
The same thing happened, just like the previous group, two of them got out first and slowly walked away whilst the third, took out his wallet, flipped it open and started to look for his money. Acting cool and calm, he said, "Sorry uncle, wait a minute", I was about to turn to look at him when all of a sudden, ZOOM! he was out in a flash and joined his other two friends in a record sprint and disappeared into thin air. This time, already resigned to being cheated once again, I came down, shut the opened door and just drove off silently, cursing and swearing at the three cheats.
"Carry on, there's nothing you can do about it, the fare is only $14/-" I mumbled and consoled myself, then sped off to hunt for a nearby coffee shop for 'kopi' and get D-Stressed. What's going on with these young people? Don't they feel any shame at all? Are their parents and teachers not doing their part in teaching them about honesty? and many more questions asked as I slowly drank my coffee.....


  1. Frank, I sympathize with you.......the next time before you pick up more than 1 kid, get them a put a $10 deposit if the destination is a far away place.

  2. Not just you only uncle frank, I work at the dental clinic somebody did wisdom tooth surgery cost $250 once finish the treatment, first he pay $50 and he "say" I will be back in the short while, Now already more than 2 years never see him again.

  3. Hi Anonymous, that's a good idea, maybe the next time I'll do just that. Thank you.

    Hi poohfa, yes indeed, we are not the only ones being cheated every now and then, and it can still happen again and again, therefore, We must be more vigilant and careful and not take things for granted in future. We learn from our lessons but sometimes we may still be caught unawares, so do take care. Cheers !