Thursday, November 5, 2009

the 3rd bad memory of being cheated...

Final term school holidays are starting soon and this time around, I will be extra wary of school children passengers. Why? Well, twice during the past school holidays, I was cheated by two different groups of 13 or 14 year old school kids. (Their ages are revealed through their chit chats). The 1st group, all chinese, comprised of 3 boys and a girl I picked up at the Zion Road side of Great World City taxi stand. They wanted to go to Pasir Ris near Downtown East. It was about 6.30pm and slowly getting dark. The school girl sat beside me while the three boys sat in the back seat. Along most of the way, they were chatting mostly in singlish about their parents, teachers and classmates, gigling and laughing. Just before reaching Downtown East, the girl requested me to drop her first after the traffic junction by the left side of the road which I did and the boys needed to go further up near White Sands.
One of the boys said, "Uncle, go to St.51" and when we arrived he directed me to go into the 2nd carpark, turn here and there, do a U-turn and stop. As soon as I stopped and pull up my handbrakes, two of them got down and started walking off whilst the third one sitting near the opened door, pretended to dig into his pocket seriously for his wallet with one leg already getting out. Suddenly jumped out and ran together with the other two in front and the three of them simply disappeared out of sight before I can even shout "Hey!"
The metered fare showed more than $20/- I was flabbergasted. "Again!!" X#F@xss!! I knew it would just be a waste of time hunting for them, felt like an idiot for being cheated the 3rd time, and of all people, innocent looking young school children.

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