Thursday, November 19, 2009

The 3 C's

I have often had the pleasure of ferrying passengers who are easy going and possess conversational skills and thereby we enjoy the whole trip. We would chat and somehow talk as if we had been very old friends. If we were in the same age group, then there's even more enthusiasm and excitement in our talks as we can relate to past subjects known only to us. Sometimes when I engage talks with passengers in respect of the 5Cs' which most younger ones have, I never fail to tell them that there are also the famous 3C's that should be taken into account. If asked to explain, then I would tell them that these 3C's are for those more well-versed in the Hokkien dialect.
"Kia C", "Tan C" and "Chay C". I shall explain as thus, the 1st 'C', we say "Kia C" meaning "afraid to die", these group of people are those we see everyday doing all kinds of exercises, such as the popular 'jogging' stuff we witness everywhere, day in and day out, involving the elderly as well as the young, they are the ones who will always be very picky about what they eat, "too oily", too much "sugar or salt" or those with an array of health foods and pills they conscientiously consume each day, they are all afraid to die.
The 2nd 'C', we say "Tan C" which means "waiting to die", now these group belongs to those who are typically boring, without sense of adventure, no interest in anything, will never venture into any new ideas or vocations even knowing that they are more profitable or better than what they have now. But they will still prefer to remain what and where they are indefinitely and live a daily dull routine lifestyle. Don't you think they are just waiting for their 'time' to come'?
And last of all, the 3rd 'C' we say "Chay C" meaning "seeking to die" this particular group of people indulges, engages and gets involved in anything they like, whether its legal or not, dangerous or not or even if its very bad for their health, they could'nt be bothered. Don't you think they are reckless, could'nt care less bunch who knows what they do will get them into very "hot soup" and yet continue to pursue their undesirable destinies?
Well, thats all for now, time for my coffee break and puff, oops, 3rd C!

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