Monday, October 5, 2009

Works both ways

Most of my passengers will pay what is shown on the meter or we tell them how much, and usually they pay the fare or round it up leaving a small tip. This works both ways, for instance, if the meter shows $3.90, chances are the passengers will give you $4.00 and tell you to keep the change. On the other hand, if the meter shows $4.10, I will often say just give me $4.00 will do. Once I had a middle aged woman passenger, a school teacher, I heard, and the meter showed $9.95 she gave me a $10.00 note which I took and was expecting her to alight but she just sat there. I started groping through my coin box but could not find any 5 cts so instead, I gave her a 10 cts coin which she took, said thank you and got out of my cab. 
And then there was this guy I fetched from Lucky Plaza to Geylang East Ave 1, the metered fare was $10.20, he gave me 2 pieces of $10.00 notes. I asked if he had 20cts or not, he said "No, sorry, I don't have any coins at all" "Its ok then" and return him 1 pc of $10.00 note and thanked him. He just kept quiet and without a word left my cab. 
Another time I had this young lady passenger whose fare showed $8.80 and she started to grope through her handbag, "Could you switch on the lights?" I did so and she started counting 10cts, 20cts 50cts and 4 pieces of one-dollar coins and finally came up with $8.60. 
"Uncle, only got this much, ok lah, hoh?." 
I said, "But you have a $10.00 note in your hand which I can change??" 
She said, "never mind lah". 
Well what to do? and she said thanks and got out of my cab. This everyday situations are not uncommon and so, sometimes, we just have to give and take.........say "Please" and "Thank You" more frequently.

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