Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why so quiet lately...

Hardly any heavy traffic movements lately along Geylang Road. 
"Uncle, go Tanjong Pagar" 
"Bro, how come so quiet nowadays in this area. Aiyah, everyday anti-vice raid, at least 2, 3 times a day where got girls anymore. All disappear suddenly. You taxi drivers know what, no girls sure no people" 
"You are going to Tanjong Pagar but there also very quiet what" 
Had to speak like him and they become more relaxed and at ease. 
"Same lah, there also quiet, but I not go to look for girls. There, worst, like ghost town. I going to collect money for my boss"  
Oh, this guy must be a Loanshark worker as soon as I heard him start talking to a debtor on his mobile the rest of the way. Very soon we got to where he wanted to alight. He just paid his fare and walked off......... 
"Good evening, could you please send me to Traders Hotel please." 
"Good evening to you too. Yes, sure, going back to your hotel so early? Its only 10 o'clock" "Yeah, I was here 6 months ago and I befriended this beautiful Philippina and I told her I'll be back very soon but the Pub where we met has closed down and up along Duxton Hill is so very quiet, where have they moved to?" 
"Mister, I don't think they have moved anywhere, they just close shop due to continuous anti-vice raids everyday, and business just came to a standstill as all the girls dared not make any appearances for fear of being nabbed. They must have left the country to go elsewhere nearby. So, without girls around, guys too disappeared."
"I am flying home day after tomorrow, say, is there any interesting joints here where I can have a drink with ladies around?" 
"Of course, I'll bring you to Orchard Towers, a very popular place of interest and there you will find many young ladies to keep you company." 
"Sounds good! That'll be fine, thanks." He paid the fare plus a little extra for me.
"Thank you, Cheers, and enjoy yourself, take care, goodnight."

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