Saturday, October 10, 2009

unforgettable episodes

In all my years driving a taxi and plying my trade, I was cheated 5 times. The very first incident, not easy to forget, happened one evening when I picked up a businessman from the queue at Changi Airport Terminal 2.  This guy had a big luggage which he put in the boot and held on to another sling bag. 
"Good evening" I said as I helped him load his luggage. 
He replied "Good evening, could you  please send me to Pasir Ris Street 72." 
I said "Okay" as he boarded my cab and sat in the back seat. In my mind I was thinking, no luck, so nearby, and I had been waiting at the queue for more than 20 minutes, but never mind I can always come back and line up again. He was wearing a dark business suit and looked smart and presentable. 
"Returning from a business trip?" 
"Yes, from Vietnam" as I started driving. We did not chat much except for the usual greetings like 'how's your flight?', 'had your dinner?' and so on. 
We soon arrived at his residence and his fare was exactly $11.00. He pulled out a S$100.00 note and gave it to me. I said "Mister, I don't have enough change for that much, do you have smaller notes?" He said no but maybe he can go up to his flat on the 7th floor and get some small change if I can just wait awhile it would just take less than 5 minutes. I said okay, that's fine with me and since he is going upstairs I told him he might as well carry his luggage home first. I still had my cab's hazard lights on, stood outside and lighted up whilst waiting for my fare. 5, 10 and then 15 minutes went by, I kept looking up at the corridors especially the 7th floor and then I started getting that funny feeling that this guy wasn't coming back. I waited 5 minutes more and then decided to move off knowing that I've been had. 
I was angry and felt rather stupid for being so trusting and even asked him to take his bag up first. I can still picture this incident clearly in my mind as I type this cos this was the first time I was cheated. I am constantly reminded and promised myself to be more careful and wary of future cheats but alas this was not to be, will let you know the next and the next later on, meanwhile, have a thought with this short quote "Don't look where you fall, but where you slipped......"

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