Friday, October 16, 2009

uneasy feelings

Sometimes driving a cab and looking for potential customers can be quite tedious especially in remote areas such as Tuas, just after dropping your passengers in that area during the night time. There is not much point in cruising around such places because there is hardly anyone looking for a cab at this time, so, very often we just turn around and head back to town where there is more life. This is one of many reasons why most taxis try to avoid fetching passengers there. Another downside is that, you would be wasting quite a lot of time travelling back to town without any passengers. Moreover, there is this uneasy feeling that the unexpected can happen anytime in such dark and quiet areas. Still, when you are parked at a taxi stand anywhere, waiting for passengers, you cannot refuse them and have to go where they wish, as you have no choice. I have sent many passengers, especially foreign workers to shipyards and factories faraway, but not too often, and so far, there has not been a single problem that I faced, (touch wood), unlike that of an unfortunate woman cabby who was found murdered and lying in her cab one night in the Tuas area . Her murder is still not solved till this day.

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