Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taxi Singalong

"Hello Uncle, can you bring me to Yishun Street 81, thank you," 
"Hello, of course, my pleasure!" 
"Wah, Uncle, I love this song, what radio channel is this?" 
"Channel 90.5 golden oldies, Brian Richmond is the D.J. and I always listen in on this channel" I replied. This pretty young lady started singing softly in accompaniment. 
"Can you turn the radio up a bit?" 
"Sure, I see, you love to sing and you have a good voice." 
"Thank you, in fact I just left that Karaoke with my girlfriends, we really enjoy singing the oldies and I wanted to continue but too late already, got to work tomorrow.....Do you like to sing too?" 
"Oh yes, I love singing very much, but nowadays only sing at home through those karaoke songs from Youtube, haha" 
Just then, this song popped up - "Danny Boy", a duet sung by Cliff Richard and Helmut Lotti, and I joined in, but when the chorus was halfway through, we arrived at her apartment. 
"That was very good, you sing very well!" 
"No lah, you are just being kind."
 That was quite refreshing as I drove off and continued singing along. Brings back memories of the time when my father and me were singing in our church choir, incidentally, we were both tenors, and now trying to reach the higher notes puts a little strain on my voice, so I sang a little louder and I could still do it. 
So you see, sometimes the passengers get you involved and you become revitalised and ultimately you imagine you are a singing sensation and carried on singing very loudly with the radio turned up whilst cruising along the CTE towards town with the trees lining along the highway, your silent audience. After that, I just felt good throughout my shift. 
Remember, you've got the right to be happy.........