Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taxi driving is sometimes very telling...

If your 1st passenger of the day is heading towards East Coast, then the rest of your other passengers will be from or going to, around this particular area. For instance, at about 5.30pm, my 1st pax today whom I picked up at United Square taxi stand, wanted to go to Changi Airport Terminal 2. He was an Indian National Environmental Consultant at present living in Malaysia and having some business here, now returning home, and his flight leaves at 7.30pm for KL.
After that, I joined the taxi queue at T2 which was quite fast and soon I was fetching this lady, without any luggage, to Tampines St.45. from where I then picked up this gentleman who wanted to go to Changi Airport T1. After he alighted, once again I drove to T2 to join the taxi queue. This time, it was even faster picking up my fare, a young gentleman with a single, medium sized luggage. He was heading home to Wan Tho Ave in Sennett Estate. After sending him home, I did a U-turn to go into Serangoon Road when a Chinese National flagged me and he wanted to go to Geylang Lorong 23. I sent him there and immediately after he alighted, I spotted a young lady with a really big luggage bag on the opposite side of Geylang Road. She waved in my direction and in the next instant, I helped her load her luggage into the boot of my cab. This lady, a Japanese, wanted to go to Changi Airport T2. She told me in a mixture of Mandarin and English that her Flight to Tokyo is at 6.00am in the morning. I said that it is still a long while yet and she told me that she would rather spend her time at T2 because of good air-conditioning, space to rest and also no problem getting a bite there. She actually lives in Brisbane, Australia, and her air ticket was a special round trip package offer from Brisbane, S'pore, Tokyo (to visit her parents) and then back to Brisbane.
After this trip, it was already 8.15pm. I decided to drive straight towards Bedok Ave 2, another one of my favourite haunts, a coffee shop, where you get excellent and tasty fish soup with seperate white rice, originally a very well known and popular stall from Upper Boon Keng Road and it has now moved here, directly opposite another popular eating place, Botak Jones. After my truly deserved meal, as I was driving out of the carpark, 2 guys flagged me and they wanted me to send them to Jurong St.61, with one of them to get off at Clementi St.3 first.
Now, this long trip towards Jurong will mean the changing to a different surrounding area for ferrying of passengers which went on till about midnight. It was an exceptionally good day and my takings were above average. I decided to call it a day........

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