Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stop dreaming, just do it.

Driving a taxi everyday, I get to meet up with all kinds of passengers. For instance, late last night, about 11pm, this passenger of mine, age maybe in his mid twenties boarded my cab from Jurong West St. 81 and he wanted to go to Pasir Ris Drive 6, I mean that is a long trip and also just before midnight. Along the way, we started chit chatting, about this and that and in general. I asked him what he was doing at present and he told me that he had just started working for his friend helping him to sell used laptops. He said it has been 3 months already and he was heading nowhere, as his income was based on commissions, and sales was hard to come by with him not having much experience in door to door sales. He was indeed in great despair. 
"Uncle, I don't know what will become of me, I don't even know what my future will be" 
He studied at a local school till Sec 4 and had already done his NS* duties. I asked him what he would really like to be and he replied, 
"You know, I always dreamt of becoming a hairstylist" 
"That is interesting, have you tried applying for a job in that area?" 
"Still looking" 
"Young man, look here, stop dreaming, it will do you no good. If you really want to be a hairstylist, first of all go and take up a course in Hairstyling then after that go look for a job in that direction aggressively, in other words, look for a job as anything in any Hairstylist establishment and be persistent and accept whatever work assigned to you, be hardworking, humble, helpful to all and learn well whatever you are taught in all aspects of the trade. You will of course suffer in the beginning, but bear with it and at the end of the day, you will eventually succeed." 
"That's good advice and I think I will give it a go" 
"Good! don't just give it a go, do it straightaway." 
With that conversation and a lot of small talk like 'have you a girlfriend, do you socialise a lot, favourite hobbies and so on'... 
"Uncle, not yet lah, not much money how to go clubbing, only most of my free time play computer games." 
We finally arrived at his residence. His fare was 20 something dollars but I said "Just give me $20/- will do." 
"Sure ah! thank you Uncle, thank you." 
"Don't mention, you just take care and remember to look at life through the windscreen, not the rear view mirror, good night." 
After that drive and long chat I began looking for the nearest coffee shop............

*NS: National Service - compulsory for all male Singapore citizens

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