Sunday, October 18, 2009

Still my duty to inform...

One day, I picked up this passenger along River Valley Road, near Mohd. Sultan and he wanted to go to Sim's Drive. As I began driving, I reminded him to put on the seat belt. He could not be bothered and said "Ah...nevermind lah" I told him that if he is caught without the safety seat belt on, it is an offence and he can be fined. He replied "When I am caught then talk", I said "Let me remind you that I have requested you to put on your seat belt in case you are caught, it is my duty to let you know ok?" Again he brushed me off saying "Just drive me there and if I get caught its my own business!" I knew we'll get no where with his kind of attitude so I just kept quiet and drove him to his destination. He paid the fare and said "See? No problem".

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