Thursday, October 1, 2009

Racegoer's dilemma

I drove towards Kranji Turf Club after dropping a passenger at Woodlands Ave 1. It was near 11pm and this guy at the Kranji Taxi stand boarded my cab. 
"Uncle, Bedok North Street 3" 
"Ok" and I headed straight towards BKE and then on to the PIE. Along the way, he told me that he is now definitely in big trouble as he had lost nearly all his month's salary at the races just now, which came up to nearly $1,000/- He mentioned a lot of IF he had played this or that race he would have made a lot of money instead, but alas listening to 'Hot Tips' from his friends also at the Club blew his money away when all the horses ran nowhere. 
I sympathised with him and added that he should have brought only money he can afford to lose and just enjoy watching the races and placing small bets. 
"Aiyah, I needed extra money so, with at least a bit of capital I can then venture for bigger stakes, mistake, mistake, now headache! got to give the wife at least $1,000/- to manage the household every month, with 3 children and all, now how man?" 
He had to cook up some lies to tell his wife and need to try to start borrowing money from friends tomorrow. He was a total wreck and could not sit still. I cannot assist him in other ways except to give him a bit of  consolation and some practical advice especially to try not to gamble in future but look after his family which is more important. 
"What is done cannot be undone, so what you got to do now is to tell the truth to your wife, plead for forgiveness and promise never to indulge in any sort of gambling activities from now on. Be sincere and truthful and maybe you will be given a second chance." 
Reached his destination, paid his fare, and thanked me for listening to his problems. 
"Don't worry too much and take care, good night." 
This kind of passengers in such situations are quite common in my line of work, so friends, if you're heading in the wrong direction, always remember you are allowed a U-turn......

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