Sunday, October 18, 2009

My taxi is not Raffles Hotel Long Bar

Another time, I fetched this English lady, I think in her mid thirties, who wanted to go from Bugis taxi stand to Pandan Valley. From the start of the journey she kept eating peanuts after breaking the shells and at first I did not know where she threw the husks, I presumed in a paperbag. I told her please not to eat in the taxi. She kept quiet for a while and then said "Its only peanuts!" sounding annoyed. Another one of those unreasonable things. I told her "Ok, make sure you don't dirty my cab" 
She just ignored what I said and looked the other way. Arrived just outside Pandan Valley Condo she asked to stop, paid the fare and walked off quickly before I can even say thanks. Anyway, I started driving away, just then I thought, have a quick look at the backseat and to my horror and dismay, I saw peanut husks strewn all over the seat and on the floor. What a lousy thing to do. If she was still around, I could have told her that my Cab is not Raffles Hotel's Long Bar. Had to stop by the roadside to clean up the mess she left in the cab feeling rather sore about it. Next time, I will learn how to say "NO" politely and promptly......


  1. When you told her not to eat in the taxi, she then purposely mess it up.

    Iou have taken photo of the situation and attached in the blog, it will be more illustrative.

  2. Hi anonymous, true, maybe she became annoyed after being told not to eat in the cab and so she purposely dirtied my cab. I just wanted to quickly clean up the mess and move on without thinking of taking a photo at that particular moment.