Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Caucasian missions accomplished.

I was still thinking of the incident with the previous caucasian while driving off from Tanglin Mall when a fat looking, also caucasion man knocked on my door. I wound down the door window and he said, "Could you fetch me to Four Seasons Hotel?" I said "Sure, hop in".
"Thanks, please open the boot, my bags?" I immediately released the boot catch, came down and assisted him with 3 of his bags into the boot. He then got into my cab together with his wife, who is also as plumb as him. 
As I started to drive, he said "Wow, Singapore has changed so much since the last time I was here, about 12 years ago. I was living at Upper Thomson Road and those days, it was not as crowded and the pace was very much slower and the people then were more of locals and much more helpful and friendlier than now."
"Yes, but now the population has grown to 5 million with more mixture of foreign expats and new citizens. See, the roads now so congested and look at the people walking around, so crowded. Yes, yes Singapore has changed quite a bit, where do you live now?"
"I am at present working in Kuala Lumpur and back here to do a bit of shopping and now I find goods here more expensive."
We soon reached his hotel, the metered fare was $5.15. "Oh, just give me $5 will do."
"No, no, no here's $6.00 thank you" said the wife.
I thanked her and got down to help unload their bags from the boot. The man shook hands with me and said "Thank you again".
I thanked him too, then got into my cab when the hotel doorman asked if I wanted to fetch some passengers to the Night Safari. I said "Sure, ok." and this family, the father from Kenya, the mother from Canada with their 3 young daughters then boarded my taxi. It was around 7.20pm when we left the Hotel lobby heading towards the Zoo. This trip with the family was pleasant and most interesting as I repeatedly joked with them that they were indeed an international as well as nomadic family, we were all laughing. We continued chatting and I learned that the father and mother used to live here for 1 1/2 years, and before that in many other countries and currently living in Sydney, Australia since 2003. We arrived at the Night Safari at 7.45pm the metered fare was $20.40 and I just asked for $20/-. We waved goodbye as I continued driving away from the Zoo... What a satisfying and spectacular day it was for me as I sped off towards Bukit Panjang to 'seek' my well deserved coffee break and maybe dinner?........

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