Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MDA stricter disclosure rules

Its only a matter of time, and soon such rules would kick in. Bloggers who get gifts or money may have to own up and declare whether they receive such for their write ups. The Media Development Authority has said it is looking at stricter rules, its Deputy Director says such regulations will protect consumers by enabling them to make informed assessments about what they read. When and how likely penalties will be enforced is still not known yet, but as from 1st of Dec in the United States,bloggers will have to make a "clear and conspicuous" if, for example, they write a restaurant review after having been treated to a feast there. The penalty for flouting this rule in blogs or postings in Twitter, Facebook or YouTube: a fine of US$11,000, (S$15,360) will be imposed.
I have read that beauty product companies are suspected of having paid a female blogger here on 2 occasions to write 'glowingly' about their products. CASE said disclosure regulations would enable consumers to distinguish between advertorials and genuine reviews. Stomp Star Blogger is concerned, however, that these proposed regulations may give the impression that blogs are commercial, and have strayed from their original aim of being the voice of an individual.
NEWS, news, and more news about LIFTS, newly retrofitted and upgraded, inBedok Street 4 and Avenue 4 not having the electronic panels which tell them which floor the lifts are at, and, wow, the Geylang Serai's history as told through photographs and text mounted on a 2.5 metre high storyboard also out in the market. Incidentally, the Geylang Serai Market hit the headlines in April when contaminated indian rojak from one stall killed two people and left more then 150 people ill, recently reopened after a 4 months makeover, in July.
Being a Taxi Driver is not just about driving a taxi, its also about 'being in the know', I mean, that's what we call it, in order for us to engage in interesting conversations with our passengers as well as to ensure that their ride is pleasant and enjoyable and also the journey to their destinations usually feel much quicker........ The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling, and even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind it..........

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