Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Latest Blockbuster!

Another mobile handphone-glued-to-ear passenger boarded my cab from Paragon taxi stand.
"Hello.... hello? Hello? where would you like to go?" No instructions from her as I drove out from the taxi stand.
I turned around to look at her and again I asked, "Hello? Miss, where to?"
She quickly looked up and said "Sorry, Choa Chu Kang North 5 please."
It was 7pm and as usual, slow heavy traffic flow all the way to her destination. I couldn't help but listened to her continuous conversation with her girlfriend, it must be, because she kept calling her Kelly a few times. She was giggling and laughing and at times spoke about intimacies she shared with her boyfriend on their holidays abroad, if I am not wrong, in Phuket. She was apparently telling stories to her girlfriend about her boyfriend, and was quite elaborate in her details, which I think should only be heard under covers. Anyway, her excited, exhuberant descriptions about her adventures shows that she couldn't care less who's listening because she is deeply in love, and for her, love knows no boundaries.
It seemed like an extremely long journey and I was the patron, 'hearing' not 'watching' a non-visual love picture in motion, but alas, I was not to know its ending because we arrived at her place too soon. She looked at the meter and simply gave me $20/-, smiling and gesturing, keep it, as she alighted with her HP still glued to her ear. I could only call out "Thank you" as she she closed the door behind her and walked briskly towards her block. The End.
Well, this got me imagining and putting all data compiled into a Blockbuster flick as I head towards the nearest coffee shop, with my "On Call" sign displayed.........

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