Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's that time of year...

Today is exactly the end of the 1st month of my promotional offer of a $1 trip if I am spotted as "Uncle Frank, the Cabbie". There is another two months more to go, but unfortunately I seem to be invisible for the time being. I look forward each day to be surprised, but to date none forthcoming. Maybe this is because my blog is fairly new and I have yet to garner more readership. Still, anything can happen in the next 2 months. I suppose most of you are not dependent on cabs or opt for other modes of public transport, its okay, I am enjoying myself everyday as I await my 1st recipient of the promo. Maybe I need to show more visible signs to attract more attention, will work on it. Surprises every now and then makes our lives more exciting and fun as we go through our daily monotonous routine. Happenings, such as, festivals, birthdays, weddings, wakes, and etc keep us aware of our immediate responsibilities as well as remember that we still belong in the community. Imagine if none of these events existed, how boring life would be. Although we go about attending to what's going on, we always have that thought about how troublesome this and that is, and wished we were not involved at all. Now, the next big event is around the corner and we await the "lighting up" of Orchard Road. Shoppers frantically hunting and buying with intentions of sharing, giving and showering love everywhere when Christmas arrives. This is one festival that is universal, in that, all of us are involved in one way or the other. We wish our passengers "Merry Christmas!", help them load their shoppings into our cab, ferry continuous party-goers, performers, and the usual "last minute" people as we work in an environment of music and dance and good cheers during this period. It is also very true that during Christmas time, earnings of taxi drivers are like year end bonuses as all of us drive especially with more enthusiasm and less rest. It is this time of the year that taxis are greatest in demand.

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