Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's the 1st of Oct! Here's a clue...

Well, well, well, received some feedback in respect of my Promotional Fare offer, doubts as to whether I will honour what I said, deny who I really am or just for the sake of publicity.

Dear Commuters, I assure you once again that I will definitely honour my words, in fact I have planned to provide some clues to help you guys spot me and if you are lucky enough, I will be most happy to welcome you on board my cab, to everyone thank you. Happy Hunting.........

Well, CLUE #1 is that I drive a Toyota Crown Silvercab which you should look out for...

CLUE #2:
I have a Yellow New York Cab souvenir in my taxi that is placed below the meter as you see in the picture here below. I may stick it on the dashboard later to make it more prominent.

The picture is abit shaky, I'll try to take a better one.


  1. Lol..its easier if you display your Yellow New York Cab souvenir. Why not u remove it. It will be more fun by guessing who you are, Uncle. Well for me, I knom u DAMN WELL hahahaha coz' im your favourite Jnr Disciple, Mr. R. Since i comment in here, maybe i will buy your Taxi plate no. today. Hahahaha wish me luck, Uncle.

  2. Dear Mr.R, Keep buying till I stop writing. Wish you all the luck you may need, CHEERS ! Uncle Frank.