Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feelings of despair

I have ferried many different foreign nationals all over Singapore, and each time I have not failed to ask of those who are helpless working here and having their families suffering at home, and not being able to be with their loved ones in their plights, and wanting to know if their families are safe, as you read and learn of great tragedies, famine and sicknesses happening everywhere around us. 
The recent earthquakes in Sumatra, tsunami in Samoa, typhoons, great floods in India and Philippines where whole villages are wiped out, buried alive and so many thousands in cruel and unsuspecting deaths, and much more. 
We in Singapore are indeed blessed and everyone of us should spare a thought for those who are less fortunate than us. I have heard of fear and desperation and anguish from many of my passengers and even hear them sob and cry. I don't feel good and have wished many a time that if I were there I could help out a bit, and there are so many helpless 'ifs'. 
I remembered a time long, long ago, when there was this big fire at Bukit Ho Swee and I was there and did carry this frail old lady left alone outside her burning attap hut to safety and also guided many away from harm. At that time I was also a member of my secondary school's Red Cross unit. In my primary school days, I had always wanted to lead and was a Sixer in the Boys Cub and then a Patrol Leader in the school's 91st Boys Scout troop. Therefore fetching passengers who are unfortunate to have families involved in accidents or down with all kinds of sicknesses, feelings of despair and helplessness or in deaths, makes me feel for them and I know and understand their predicament. 
Driving a taxi can also get you involved with helping out some passengers in need of immediate assistance. I love this job because I get to meet with all kinds of different personalities, characters, learning and hearing of different lifestyles, of all sorts of problems, and me being able to help out in some ways such as by giving a bit of advice here and there or to counsel those who need it. Never deny hope to anyone, it might be all they have.....


  1. Uncle Frank, I have been reading your blog and it is very interesting to read from your point of view as a taxi driver. Thank you for your stories.

  2. Thank you Carrie for your kind remarks and encouragement, Uncle Frank.