Monday, October 26, 2009

Cheated a second time

Just after midnight I was in the queue at the Orchard Tower taxi stand when two Malay men, I think in their thirties, boarded my taxi.
"Uncle, Jurong West Ave 4".
I said "Okay" and started driving. All the time along the way, the 2 guys just sat quietly and did not even say a word to one another. I looked in the rear mirror and noticed that one of them was in a reclining position, as though resting or maybe sleeping. I did not suspect anything unusual. As I drove near and turning into Jurong Ave 4, I asked them to direct me to where they wished to alight and one of them said, "Go straight and turn into 1st carpark on your left".
And as I turn into the carpark, the same guy said "Can stop near the rubbish chute".
I replied "Over there? ok" and came to a stop.
Before I can even tell them the fare, my left and right rear doors swung opened and the two of them jumped out and sprinted off in opposite directions. I was stunned, looked left and right and saw their shadowy figures running at top speed into the void decks of the HDB flats ahead of them and simply disappeared so quickly. What should I do? Chase after them? Which one, the left or the right? Its just a hopeless thought. I got down from my cab, walk around it to shut the two doors left ajar and then leaned against the driver side of my cab, had a smoke whilst feeling very disappointed and disgusted. Its not about the fare... around $18/- but the thought that this was indeed planned before hand and I was chosen as their target, that made me look stupid. I got into my cab and slowly drove around the neighbouring block of flats hoping to see if I could spot the culprits and after a while, I was thinking its useless to waste my time any longer and drove off. The memory of what happened that night will be hard to erase.

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