Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Caucasian mission accomplished.

I had just dropped a passenger at Bugis Village when I spotted another waving to me near junction of Rochor Road and Queens Street, I immediately stopped to pick him up. He was a caucasian and looked to be in his late forties.
"Hello" I said as he boarded my cab.
"Hi, could you please bring me to Tanglin Mall by the quickest route possible, I need to get there by 7pm".
"OK, I'll try my best, if I were to turn left and go by Bencoolen Street, there is the ERP charge of $2.00 at this time but then it may be faster to get you there by 7pm."
"Oh, its alright, ERP charge no problem, just go by the fastest way, I have a very urgent and important appointment with my wife."
As I looked at my watch, it was exactly 6.45pm, I said "Meeting the wife for dinner?"
"No, an important meeting".
I then drove steadily through Bencoolen Street towards Orchard Boulevard amidst tight traffic conditions and finally reached the taxi stand at Tanglin Mall.
"We're here, and you still have 5 minutes to spare, time now is 6.55pm."
The metered fare was $10.30 and he straightaway handed me $12.00 and said "Keep the change, thank you, thank you so much, that was great driving, you just saved me from a possible ugly 'TIFF" with my wife. Thank you, great driving!" and gave me a 'thumbs up' sign.
"Its my pleasure, take care and good luck!" as he rushed off. I then proceeded towards the taxi stand at Orchard Towers feeling very good and happy that I've helped someone in a small way. Mission accomplished.

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