Monday, October 19, 2009

Be careful and be considerate too...

Sometimes when I stop at a zebra crossing, I get to see all kinds of pedestrians crossing it, and one of the most stupid things I noticed is that of people talking on their handphones while crossing without even a care in the world, chatting and laughing and to top it all, they tend to walk very slowly taking their own sweet time oblivious to everything around them, especially the long queue of vehicles waiting for them to cross, and this sort of pedestrian flow is usually continuous and looks unending until such vehicles in front of the queue starts to try passing through them which is of course, very, very dangerous, (You can never know if these drivers are hot tempered or impatient drivers) and this can result in unnecessary serious accidents.
There is also another classic but foolish attitude of some pedestrians crossing roads thinking that vehicles approaching them would surely see them crossing and slow down or even stop for them without realizing that the opposite can also happen, that is, the drivers maybe driving too fast or may be looking away from you or simply did not notice you at all until it is too late. These sort of scenario is very common everywhere along our roads and I say it is a great mistake to presume or take for granted that we are untouchables. We are only human, we make all sorts of mistakes in our everyday lifes, but we must also know that we need to continue learning all the time. I have experienced and seen many many accidents on the roads, with some people suffering minor injuries and many others lying dead on the roads and ultimately, the whole family will have to suffer.
We Singaporeans are generally known to be a "Kiasu" lot, but how come we still continue to try to ignore the dangers that is everywhere on our streets and roads and even the highways? I think it is most important for everyone of us to be or try to be considerate at least......

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