Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are you sure you know where???

Last evening during the peak hours, (between 5pm and 8pm), near Amara Hotel, I picked up this young male passenger, and he sat in the front passenger seat.
"Hello Uncle, can you fetch me to Cheong Chin Nam Road?"
"Good Evening to you, sure, of course" and I started off.
Driving past People's Park along New Bridge Road, he asked me if this was the way to go. I said yes, we have to turn left into Havelock Road now, and after that right, into Zion Road. And as we drove past Great World City, he asked me again,
"Uncle, to Cheong Chin Nam Road, you know, right?"
"Yes, of course."
I then proceeded towards Paterson Road, then Scotts Road and keeping left into Stevens Road. Then as I made a left turn into Bukit Timah Road, the young man once again asked, "Uncle, you sure you know where right?"
I replied "Yes my man, don't worry, are you having an appointment with your friend and what time would that be?"
"About 7.30pm, and now already 7.10pm I don't want to be late you know."
I answered "I will bring you there on time, take it easy, by the way, have you ever been to this place before?"
"I think so, but can't quite remember exactly where, but you know right?"
"Of course, of course, that's the place where you are going to have your dinner right?"
"Yes sir, for a moment I thought you might not know where, because you just said okay and that's it, when I told you where I wanted to go. I am sorry, I was doubtful because you were so confident when other taxis which I took before, asked a lot of questions about this road."
I laughed and said, "This place you are going to, happens to be one of my favourite food joints and I usually patronise El Azhar Restaurant just before I go home, nearly everyday."
"Hey, that's where I'm meeting my friend, I should have mentioned the name of the joint instead of guessing and wondering if you even knew the Road, sorry, sorry"
"No, no, I should be the one to say sorry because I knew this popular food road and I should have told you earlier on instead of making you feel so apprehensive and doubtful."
We both laughed and after he paid me the fare, he asked if I would like to come and join him. I thanked him for being so kind but I had to go on working first.
"Enjoy your dinner, bye!" and I left to continue working, at the same time thinking, that was an interesting passenger....


  1. al arzher is that place near bukit timah plaza right?

  2. Yep, thats right, El Azhar is exactly opp. Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.