Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Any way will do..

"Uncle, Yishun St.11 near the Shell Petrol station" as this young lady boarded my cab near Newton MRT. I said "Okay, and which way would you like to go, by the CTE or by Thomson Road?"
She replied "Any way will do."
"Fine." as I negotiated the circle and headed towards the CTE via Bukit Timah Road. After turning left into the CTE and driving along amidst heavy traffic as it was about 6pm, peak hour time, the young lady sat up suddenly and said aloud, "Why did'nt you go by the Thomson Road way? This way the traffic is so heavy." as though reprimanding. I was suddenly taken aback and replied, "Miss, during this time most roads and highways are always heavily congested, but so long as traffic keeps moving, although much slower, we are still moving", to which she added "You, as a taxi driver should know better which way got less traffic", to which I immediately rebutted, "Miss, before I made a move, I asked you which way you preferred, CTE or Thomson Road, and you said any way will do, I decided to go by the CTE. If you had said by Thomson Road, I would have done so. Anyway, either routes at this time of day experiences heavy traffic flow, and it can't be helped." "You taxi drivers are the same, always giving excuses in order to earn more money."
Straightaway I replied, "Hello Miss!, be reasonable and recall what you said, ANY WAY WILL DO, right? As for me, I find this way to be much faster than the other because its free of traffic lights and if there is nothing unusual along the way, you can reach home very much faster. Earning more money? by travelling this way? You are simply out of line."
"It's true what!" she continued.
I felt 'heat' and 'smoke' rising and chose to remained quiet and just drove. She tried saying this and questioning that, but still I chose to remain silent. She soon realised that I wasn't interested in having an argument, she simmered down and sat back but continued mumbling angrily to herself. What a relief when we reached her destination. She paid the fare, alighted, then forcefully slammed the door shut.
"Phew!" what a relief to be rid of her. To me, she is just one of those who likes to chide and argue unreasonably without realizing that she is truly 'Miss Bitch'. Driving during peak hours itself is already very stressful and tiring let alone having someone adding insult to injury, well, its just too much. Usually, after such confrontations, I try to look for a nice coffee shop to rest and slowly enjoy my cup of tea........ I have learned to discard hate and resentment, they affect you the most....

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