Friday, September 25, 2009

Late already!!!

"Uncle, uncle can you please drive faster, I am very late for my appointment with my boss, you think can reach there by 7pm?" 
"No way, so sorry, time now already 6.55pm and it will take at least 15 to 20 minutes to get there in this heavy traffic congestion, but I'll try my best ok?" 
This type of requests are quite often, and you can imagine how stressed they become each time the lights turn red. Well, we need to always be more prepared  and be aware of our Time to save ourselves anxiety and also prevent unwanted and unforeseen accidents. 
Sometimes passengers can be unreasonable and start to give remarks like:
"you should have taken the other route" or 
"why don't you keep to the right" or 
"that idiot in front so kayu*" or  
"Haiyah*, jialat*, sure big trouble afterwards" and so on and so forth. 
Sometimes, we drivers also get agitated and start hitting back like, "my fault is it", and also begin driving recklessly and at the end of the journey, both are totally exhausted. 
For me I have learnt to stay cool at all times and it really helps both of us, like knowing you cannot possibly go any faster and yet give your passengers the assurance that we are getting there very soon, 'don't worry, going to reach already', 'just after this junction or that traffic light ahead'. Driving a taxi is really very interesting as you get to meet the good, the bad and the ugly, and regardless, after ferrying your passengers to their destinations safe and sound gives you a kind of job satisfaction. 
And yes, I will list the bad habits of taxi drivers soon... 

This morning I need to go to NUH for my ultra scan at 9am, so I better get some shut eye for now. Time 6.35am.

Terms with*
kayu: (pronounce 'kah-yoo') means dull, stupid, block-head, dimwit. Popularly used to refer to a football referee. Eg. ‘Referee, kayu lah!  How can he red-card Zidane like that?’
Haiyah: (or Aiyah) an exclamation used at the beginning of a sentence to express despair, dismay, exasperation, etc.
jialat: (or chia lat)  Difficult, troublesome, or severe, to a great extent, very bad, terrible.

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