Monday, September 28, 2009

Tonight, Rental & Diesel fully paid...

Tonight F1 racing night, decided to take day off, so went for dinner at 6.30pm, had St. Louis Baby Back Ribs at Cafe Cartel in Bukit Panjang Plaza, it was fantastic, simply loved it. Hurried home just before 8pm in time to see flag off. Wow, look at the grandstands, fully packed and the people at the pits and all the F1 racers and the personalities, so bright, so colourful and so clear, in fact the lightings for the whole circuit was just incredible, very much improved compared to last year's. How I wish I could have been there to soak in the vibrant atmosphere, the sound and smell. Race is on and I must say, filming and cameras placed at strategic points around the circuit as well as on board the F1 racers made me feel as though I am the driver. I can see the proceedings at the pit so clear and sharp and the speeding F1s doing their bit. Oh, it was just superb! Next year I must go and see LIVE! 10 plus and race is over, quite exhausting. It was beautiful and exciting just seeing the lights, the Flyer, the spectators crowding round their hotel windows and the spectacular views of our city. I feel proud that such an event can be held here, in the city area and on top of it, at NIGHT. 

I left home at midnight to meet a friend near 24-hour Mustafa Shopping Centre, we had Teh Tarik and Roti Pratas at CMK 24 hour coffee shop. It was 1.30am when we parted. As soon as I started my cab to move off, this young Vietnamese lady hailed my cab and wanted to go to Pacific Mansion at River Valley Close. I knew she was Vietnamese from the way she spoke on her mobile. I always try to detect my foreign passengers' nationality through their speech and if I was doubtful, I would politely ask which country they are from and if they were tourists or expats and gradually develop into a friendly conversation and me as an instant tourist guide. 
Arrived at her destination, the fare was $8/- dollars, thank you, goodnight. Just then, another young lady tapped on my window, gestured if she could board, I nodded. 
"Please, I want to go to Bukit Panjang, Senja Road" 
And off I drove. Along the way, I tried to figure out where she was from because she sounded different. I could not and so I asked, 
"Are you local?" 
"No, I am from Korea" 
"Oh I see. You working here or student?" 
"I work here, only been here for about 5 months." 
And we carried on a light conversation till we reached her home. Her fare came to $18/- dollars. Not bad, made total $26/- Decided to go straight home. Alas, before I can even reach home, this young Malay boy flagged me. 
"Hello, where to?" 
"Uncle, please send me to Pasir Ris Drive 6, Block xxx, thank you" 
"Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri" 
"Thank you" 
"You are faraway from home" 
"No, Uncle, I live around here, I am going to my Auntie"s house and maybe stay overnight at her place" .
Young man is at present studying religious studies at private school and would be doing his National Service come December. Arrived at his destination and he paid the metered fare of $28/- Now I have total of $54/- enough to pay today's taxi rental of $43/- and Diesel at $10/-. Finally reached home at 3.40am (I am Hirer of this cab and I have a Relief Driver, the same and only one for many years. I drive permanent night shift) 
Tonight's earnings is unexpected, but it happens. Not easy to have off day! Taxi driving can be very unpredictable, but I strive to stay happy always .........


  1. Dear Sir Frank, I enjoy reading your blog. I come from Dr Cai's. I see a burst of posts this September that I guess are inspired by Cai's blog. Just keep it up. Best wishes.

    Lao Ma

    PS. I refuse to call you uncle because we are close in age, I assume. ;-)

  2. Dear Lao Ma, Thank you for viewing my site and also my daily posts is actually not at all inspired by Cai's blog. I had in fact started blogging last year but due to some health problems, I had to put on hold, I am quite well now and please be sure to continue reading about my daily adventures. CHEERS Bro.