Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pandan leaves in taxi cabs?

I was asked by a passenger why some cabbies put a bunch of pandan leaves in their taxi. I began to explain that the reason is because some passengers choose to eat in the taxi, although this is not allowed. The pandan leaves act as a repellant to keep cockroaches from infesting our cabs because they are attracted to the crumbs of food that litter our cabs.

This makes me think how some passengers are so inconsiderate. It would be even nice to just ask for our permission. Eating in taxis is not allowed, but people choose to turn a blind eye.

Here are some other bad habits of passengers:
1. Whipping out a $50 note for short distances that don't even add up to $5 and expecting change.
2. Trying to flag down a cab while standing at the bus stop, not realising that I can't stop there, I'll get fined. Then I get a disgusting look or an inappropriate finger because I kept the law.
3. Sweet wrappers and dirty tissues stuffed into the side slot of the door handle, or the back pocket of the seat in front...
4. Putting your wet umbrella on the seat.
5. Leaving behind your unwanted newspapers or magazines, etc.

To be fair I should list some bad habits of taxi drivers as well.
I need to get to a toilet now... will do that later.

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