Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oldest trade in the world

Last night picked up a Malaysian young man, here in Singapore for 3 days. 
"Uncle, can you bring me to your famous Geylang, I want to see the girls there" 
"1st time here?" 
Ah, you see, although Singapore is seen as clean and GREEN, we too have our RED light District. 24-hours alive and robust with beautiful girls from all over Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, even from as far as Columbia, Spain and Russia etc...illegally plying the oldest trade in the world here. WHY? Money is good and customers flock here from all over the world. 
I drop my passenger along Lorong 8 and told him this is where he should start window shopping, this first Lorong are girls from China then proceed to Lorong 10 where girls are mostly from Indonesia and on to Lorong 16 where u find them from Thailand and so on and so forth. Enjoy yourself and Bye. 
He thanked me and there u go, another satisfied and happy passenger. 
Must go look for some bite now, yes! FROG porridge at Lavender food centre...yummy

*Lorong: an alley

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