Thursday, September 24, 2009

I help people get home everyday...

Picked up this guy from Orchard Towers, a famous and well known joint (4 storeys of whores). 
"Hello, where to?"
"Jurong West St 42 and Uncle...", as I started to do a U-turn, "I have only about $10, is it enough?" 
"Sorry", I slowed down, "the fare is something like $14 because already midnight."
"Aiyah Uncle, chin chai* lah, I already broke, got exactly $10.60, please lah*." 
Poor fellow quite high* and pleading. 
"OK lah, but you pay me first", he fumbled a bit but quickly paid me that amount. 
Along the way, he started telling me lewd episodes of the women he was with, including Lady-Boys*. There you go, I keep learning everyday about all kinds of things, and I tell you, it is very very interesting and sometimes mind boggling! This guy must have paid a bit for his lust until he is flat broke. Sent him home safely and he kept thanking me blah blah blah...... nearly 1am, a bit tired, so ended up in nearby coffee shop to have kopi and a puff..  incidentally, I happen to be a smoker  heh heh heh.

Terms with *: 
chin chai: a term in Hokkien dialect, means "not fussy", "easy-going". In this case, the term is used persuasively to mean "be more flexible" or "be easy"
lah: a Singapore English word behind any expression to generally assert one's intention more strongly
Lady-Boys: men, mostly from Thailand, who dress and behave like women and they look as pretty as girls, or even prettier

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