Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rest Time with my Taxi buddies

I have four regular taxi buddies and we always meet up around 12.30am at this 24-hr coffee shop where they have porridge, nasi lemak, western and a variety of Chinese food. We order our drinks and food and chat about our daily rounds. 
Last night, Peter, one of my buddies, received a ticket for throwing a cigarette butt near a food court in Jurong West. He had just sent a passenger home and decided to relax a while and have a puff just outside his cab in the neighbourhood car park. He finished smoking, looked around a bit and flicked the butt on the turf. Got into his cab and was about to start off when this young couple suddenly appeared from nowhere, knocked on his driver side window and flashed their credentials. 
"Hello, Environment officer, please come out and hand us your i/c. Sir, we saw you throw your cigarette butt on the turf" 
"Sorry, sorry Officer, give me a chance lah, I am old and had a bad day today, give me a chance, I will not do it again. You know I have many hospital bills to pay and it is really tough, please lah" 
The Officer was issuing the summons, kept quiet and when he handed the ticket to him said, "You should know better and there is no excuse for what you just did" and left with his colleague. 
Poor Peter, one look at the ticket and he nearly fainted. AIYOH! $300/- few days of hard earnings down the drain! We felt sorry for him and told him he should have been more careful. The rest period ended up with everyone talking about each others experiences and close shaves and reminding each other to be more vigilant as we can never tell who's watching us. Our usual get together thus ended and we went our separate ways. Peter says he will try to stop smoking, cos its too expensive as we wave goodbye. 
Well, this is part and parcel of our daily adventures and lessons that we learn each day....

"Hello, where to?" 
"Bukit Panjang, Petir Road thank you, wah, got midnight charge already ah" 
and so life goes on........

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