Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ever wondered why.....

There is always a long passenger queue at Far East Plaza taxi stand between the hours from 8pm to midnight and there are also many taxis that pass by but simply ignore the waiting queue of ready passengers?
Ever wondered why? 
Well, simple deduction, there is also two long queues of passengers at Lucky Plaza along Orchard Road and further up towards Paragon taxi stand and these taxi stands are very close by to each other, only advantage for taxis picking up passengers at these 2 taxi stands is that the taxi drivers stand to earn an extra $3/- surcharge because these passengers are in the CBD area (Central Business District). Therefore if you are in a hurry to catch a cab it would be better to quickly walk towards Lucky Plaza and that would save you a lot of stress and frustration of having to keep waiting whilst seeing so many cabs zip by.
Exactly after midnight there is the opposite scenario. You will definitely see a along queue of empty taxis that stretch from Goodwood Park Hotel towards Hyatt Hotel, why? This is because there is no longer any passenger queues in sight. There are more than 24,000 taxis in Singapore but at any one time not all taxis are on the roads, simply because drivers need to rest, they are only human, have their daily meals and short coffee breaks in between their shifts. 
Taxis too. A certain number of them do breakdown daily due to unforeseen circumstances such as tyre punctures, flat batteries, air con down, accidents etc..... 
There are often continuous grouses from commuters in respect of taxis not stopping for them or an endless stream of taxis having the "ON CALL" sign on the windscreen when they need them most. 
If you are a taxi driver, for instance, plying the roads for passengers and especially during peak hours when surcharges are maximum, would you not want to earn more income quick? 'Strike while the iron is hot' or just cruise around for nothing? 
Ask yourself. Yes, true, there are also taxi drivers who have their individual commitments for family, relatives, friends and themselves for reasons only known to them, to simply ignore waiting and ready passengers along their routes. 
We have to keep trying to understand each others weaknesses and continue to live and let live. Remember, don't expect Life to be fair, treat others the way you like to be treated..... Cheers

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