Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cash or Community work - which is better...?

Talking about being caught throwing cigarette butts, well, I fetched this pretty young lady from United Square taxi stand going home to her condo in Simei Road. Along the way we began chatting and I told her about what happened to my buddy who was caught and fined $3oo/- 
"Uncle, you know what, my boyfriend and his friend were also caught throwing their cigarette butts sometime back. My boyfriend paid his fine, but his friend did not and was eventually hauled to court to face the consequences and what happened to him do you know?" 
"Double the fine?" 
"No, no, he did not have to pay the fine instead had to do only 5 hours of community work that's all!" 
"So when my boyfriend heard about it, he lamented that he should not have paid the fine and also just do 5 hours community work, what a waste!" 
I laughed and told her this was something new, never heard of before and I have once again learnt something new today. This young lady told me that she is a teacher teaching in one of the establishments in United Square and I invited her to go to my blog site and enjoy my stories including this one that I will post about. It was a pleasant journey and she is safely home.  "Remember, go to my Blog! Bye!"  

Wow, our F1 Races is back again, so fast, this 2nd annual historic street event promises to be even better this time round, you know, after all the controversies about what happened in last year's event, you bet I will definitely be watching the races, unfortunately on my TV at home, still, I can turn the volume on high and be engulfed by the zooming and screeches.........

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