Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My First Blog - sounds like my first baby steps.

Hello, welcome to Singapore through my eyes! I am Uncle Frank. This is my first blog since being acquainted with the Internet a few years back. So you probably might guess my age. I am YOUNG! I may not look it, but I feel it! I am a born and bred Singaporean, I love my country and have been driving the cab since 1997. If you are still wondering about my age, I will reveal at a later stage...meanwhile you can keep guessing. :) Since I have been around Singapore long enough, plus being on the roads of this fast-changing island, it helps me as a cabbie to have much knowledge of Singapore since I function like a tour guide to the many foreigner, tourist and expat passengers that ride in my cab.

I believe that to be a taxi driver you must first of all love driving and should enjoy meeting people and be able to chat about anything and everything under the sun. I get all kinds of questions, I answer some, argue about some, grin and bear about some. Being able to speak some good enough English plus most of the local dialects gets me around.

Today I drove by the F1 track with 3 tourists in my cab (Aussies from Brisbane, first time in Singapore), joked with them and gave them some tips on the local places to visit. They have been here for 6 days already, they say they love Singapore and will be coming back. I chatted and joked with them that they are riding in my (F1) Formula taxi...